Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety at Hacienda is everyone’s responsibility.

Our goal is to keep Hacienda safe for our students and families.  Please use common courtesy and obey all traffic laws in and around the school zone.

In order to increase student and family safety, the following standards are to be met at all times:

1) Pedestrians:  Please respect pedestrian laws by yielding to pedestrians and remembering that crosswalks exist at all intersections, whether marked (painted) or unmarked (not painted).  As a pedestrian, please remember that it is your responsibility to use due care for your safety.  Teach your children not to step off the curb until approaching cars have stopped and made eye contact. Pedestrians may not walk through the Staff Parking Lot/Drop-Off Circle on Kimberly Drive; remain on the sidewalk and walk around the parking lot.

2) Drop-Off Circle:  When using the Drop-Off Circle on Kimberly Drive, please pay attention to posted signs. Passing other cars is not permitted in the circle. Students may not exit the vehicle until you have reached the Drop-Off Zone located at the end of the driveway at the blue gates. Pedestrians are not permitted in this parking lot, stay on the sidewalks and go around the parking lot.

3) Passenger Loading Zones (PLZ) are clearly marked. Vehicles may park to load or unload passengers for up to 5 minutes. Drivers must stay in the vehicle.  Please help us keep the traffic flowing smoothly in a calm and respective manner.

4) Bus Zones are for buses only and are clearly marked. No other vehicles are permitted stop or park in a Bus Zone.

5) Parking around Hacienda: Obey all posted signs. Do not park a) in a red zone b) on a corner c) in a crosswalk d) in front of a neighbors driveway e) in a bus zone. Drivers may not move a resident’s garbage and/or recycling cans to make room to park your vehicle. If your vehicle will not fit because of the garbage/recycling, you must find another place to park.

6) Hacienda Parking Lots are reserved for Staff Parking and Handicapped Parking ONLY. Dropping students off in the back parking lot on Rodney Drive is NOT permitted.

Drivers: Please drive slowly and carefully, obey all laws and do not use cell phones.  All drivers shall comply with the Traffic Safety Committee Volunteers who monitor traffic around the school.

We really cannot stress SAFETY strongly enough.  Please take a moment to review the documents below for additional information and safety tips. 

Safe Walking Tips:
Walk Safely Hacienda
How to Be a Safe Pedestrian (English)
Como Ser Un Peaton Seguro (Español)

Parking and Passenger Drop-Off::
Hacienda Vehicle Zoning

Volunteer to help with traffic safety!

Please join the Traffic Safety committee on Konstella.