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Hacienda’s HIPS, Teacher and School communications are now on Konstella.

Hacienda Involved Parents and Staff (HIPS) has launched Konstella to help us protect the environment with paperless communications within the school and classrooms.

This application allows us to see the school calendar with times and locations of events, sign up for volunteer opportunities, or find the email address or phone number of a family. We can share photos and have discussions school wide or within your own classroom or committee. Konstella sends out a weekly digest of upcoming events!

Once you have signed up and download the App., you will have all the information at your fingertips.  Invitations go out when school starts, please follow the directions below.



It’s simple! Go to or install the Kontsella App. and click on “Find Your School” in the upper right- hand corner, search for “Hacienda” and then fill out a simple form with your contact information and child’s name and check your email for a confirmation.

For a Konstella overview (Mobile Devices) please visit: For a Konstella Overview (Web Browser) please visit:


All you need to do is sign up with your email address, and you’ll automatically receive information about events at your child’s school.


Log into the website or the Konstella App on your smart device to see events, search the directory, send messages to other parents, and more. See an activity feed to see everything happening on one place, or access the calendar or more. You can control how often you receive noti cations. It’s so easy!


This site is only for current students at Hacienda, it is private and secure. We want 100% participation by the end of this school year. We look forward to our Room Parents and other parents in our community using it to its fullest potential and encourage our teachers and sta to use this tool as well. Please be patient with us as we work on making this site work for our school.

There are 3 main elements:

  • “Feed”: all announcements, upcoming events, sign-ups
  • “Calendar” shows all upcoming events.  Click on “Sync to my calendar” on the right side of the screen to integrate with your Family’s digital calendar, and then select if you want to sync events you signed-up for and/or classroom and school events.
  • “More” allows you to see only announcements or sign-up, and get access to files and photos.