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Hacienda’s HIPS, Teacher and School communications are now on Konstella.

Hacienda Involved Parents and Staff (HIPS) has launched Konstella to help us protect the environment with paperless communications within the school and classrooms.

This application allows us to see the school calendar with times and locations of events, sign up for volunteer opportunities, or find the email address or phone number of a family. We can share photos and have discussions school wide or within your own classroom or committee. Konstella sends out a weekly digest of upcoming events!

Once you have signed up and download the App., you will have all the information at your fingertips. Konstella Help and Guides: I’m NEW to the school and need to know how to register my family! What to do if you don’t see all your messages every day (solution: adjust settings!) You registered for Konstella but can’t figure out how to add your student and join the correct room (Solution: Add new student) The web-based Konstella (A+!) and the app (maybe a solid C) are different and do different things. How do I learn more and know where I should go to do each thing? HINT: Use the website as much as possible, and use the app to check messages, newsfeed, and calendar. (Bigger solution: Refer to this cheat sheet to learn the ins and outs There are a lot of events and sign-ups to keep track of! (Solution: consider syncing your Konstella calendar to your primary calendar so you never miss a thing!)