Music Program

Hacienda’s Music Program is known as a “pull out” program. All students, K through 5th grade get to enjoy attending music class every week. All students K-5 receive 50 MINUTES of music per week!!!

Music Performance Videos can be purchased, viewed, and downloaded online. The Konstella Video Sale (coming soon) gets you a password and download link after collecting a donation for the HIPS-funded Music program.

Students are privileged to have a music classroom with over 100 instruments from all over the world! What makes Hacienda’s music program so unique? It is 100% supported by fundraising from H.I.P.S., Hacienda Involved Parents and Staff.

Ms. Ulrich began teaching in the Hacienda Music Program in 2011. She has a professional clear credential as well as a supplementary credential to teach music with a music minor. She taught in the Morgan Hill Unified School District for 8 years before coming to San Jose Unified School District.

The Music Program at Hacienda is based on the philosophy that music, as well as the other arts, enhances a special part of students’ development. Through various music activities, they are able to express their own creativity and also experience self-esteem, satisfaction, accomplishment, and most of all, joy.