HIPS relies on volunteers to support many activities at Hacienda. Volunteer opportunities are plentiful and varied, ranging from support in the classroom to organizing school-wide events. With the aid of volunteers, we are able to run our art and gardening programs, support Science classes, offer family fun/community building activities and manage fundraisers. Below are some of the volunteer opportunities at Hacienda. To find out more, visit the Communities page in Konstella or contact community@hips.rocks

Volunteer Requirements

All volunteers working on campus must apply with the San Jose Unified School District. Check out the Volunteer section on the district websiteContact Human Resources at (408) 535-6139 ext. 15030 or volunteer@sjusd.org for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

Visit Konstella Committees to view and sign up for any of the areas of interest below.

  • Animal Adoption
  • Art Vistas

    This is a volunteer led art curriculum, which incorporates hands on activities with art appreciation and art history. Each class receives 6 presentations over the course of the school year. The volunteers who teach the lessons for each class, called docents, are provided with the materials and lesson plans. It is also helpful to have 2-3 volunteers to assist with set up and clean up. Training and practice time are provided during school hours for each set of lessons. Each student will have one piece of artwork on display at the Art Vistas Exhibit during Open House in May.

  • Box Tops for Education
  • Candy Sales
  • Community Representatives

    San Jose Unified School District holds many meetings, some of which have a direct effect on our school. It would be helpful if a volunteer attended meetings and gave a summary at the monthly HIPS meetings.

  • Fall Festival
  • Garden (SPROUTS)

    Every class has a garden plot that is planted, cultivated, and harvested by the class throughout the year. The Garden Parents assist the teachers as needed by taking the children out to the garden 1-2x/month to dig in the dirt, plant vegetables and flowers, weed, learn and have fun. Hacienda students learn where their food comes from, they develop a love for the outdoors and science exploration, and they develop skills of perseverance and problem solving, as they nurture their gardens. Students also get to reap the fruits (literally!) of their hard work – you’ll be surprised by how many vegetables they eat when they are the ones growing and harvesting them!.

  • Grant Applications
  • Hacienda Tours
  • Hicklebees Liaison
  • Hospitality

    Hacienda has a hospitality volunteer committee. These wonderful people cater the staff luncheons, provide treats for special events, and are always happy to add more people to their group. This is a great committee to join because of the flexibility, the joy you bring to others and it is fun!

  • Kinder Kickoff
  • Matching Funds
  • Movie Night
  • Outdoor Workday Organizer
  • P.E.S.T. (Secret pals for teachers and staff)
  • Project Cornerstone

    Project Cornerstone is committed to helping all children and teens in Silicon Valley feel valued, respected and known. The organization’s programs and services help individuals and communities build a web of support around young people so that they grow into healthy, caring and responsible adults. It is a great way for you to get involved directly in your child’s class, by reading and briefly discussing a pre selected book each month. This is a fun way to be involved with very little time required (about 2-4 hours per month). Training will be provided each month with full details for a lesson plan and activities.

  • Room Parent Coordinator
  • Science Camp Fundraising
  • Spanish Translation Support
  • Spring Fling
  • Star Party
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Tile Decorating
  • Traffic Safety Committee

    Traffic Safety is in need of volunteers to manage the drop-off traffic flow in the morning.

  • Uniform Sales
  • Yearbook