Annual Giving Drive

With our largest school fundraiser of the year, your donations will directly pay for music, science, classroom supplies, and great programs like Art Vistas and Sprouts. These programs can not exist without parent support. Donate today and automatically become a member of Hacienda Involved Parents and Staff!

The unique programs at Hacienda set us apart from other schools and make Hacienda the most requested school in the district.  Our kids enjoy many HIPS-sponsored programs that go above-and-beyond what most public schools are able to provide.

Why is the HIPS Membership Drive so important?

HIPS spends nearly $300,000 annually, which goes directly into funding the “above & beyond” programs that Hacienda students enjoy all year. This averages out to about $373 per student/per academic year.

Some of the programs that HIPS supports are:

  • Full-time Music Education
  • Outdoor Classroom & Science Costs
  • Classroom Instructional Supplies & Materials
  • Physical Education
  • Classroom Technology Fund
  • Art Vistas
  • Library Resources
  • and much more!

Benefits of Donating to HIPS:

  • Donations are tax-deductible!
  • Employer Matching can double your contribution!
  • Your child will benefit from the enhanced programs that HIPS funds
  • You will demonstrate to your child that you value their education
  • Plus, “thank you” rewards will be given at the respective donation levels (check out the Annual Giving Drive flyer (also in Spanish) for details)

*Payment can be made either by cash, check or Online through Konstella (see Online Payment Instructions below).
*Please remember to fill out the Annual Giving Donor Form and return with your donation by September 27th.

Online Payment Instructions:

1) You can donate through Konstella on our HIPS Annual Giving Drive- Donation page.  If you log in with your Konstella account, then you don’t need to provide any student details.  You can also use or share the public version of the donation page for those who do not have a Konstella account. If using the public page, please include: ALL of your child(ren)’s names & teacher(s) in the Notes section to get credit.

2) Fill out the Annual Giving Donor Form and return it to school with “Online” selected as Payment Method.  You can also fill out the form and sent it to

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can join HIPS?
Every parent/guardian is encouraged to join HIPS. Family members – aunts, uncles and grandparents can also join and/or donate to our Annual Giving Drive!  Joining HIPS simply means that you make a donation during our Giving Drive and that you support our HIPS-funded programs.  Joining HIPS does NOT obligate you to volunteer for activities.

What is the Membership Drive?
The HIPS Annual Giving Campaign is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  It is designed to raise as much money as possible at the beginning of the school year to pay for the inspiring and unique programs at Hacienda.  HIPS funds many of the key offerings that make Hacienda such a special place. These are some of the programs that HIPS supports:

  • Full-time Music Education
  • Classroom Technology Fund
  • The Outdoor Classroom and Science Costs
  • Art Vistas Program
  • Library Resources
  • Physical Education
  • Classroom Instructional Supplies and Materials

Why join HIPS?
There are many reasons to join!  In addition to the teachers and programs that HIPS funds, you will also be contributing to classroom materials and supplies.  By joining HIPS, you will show your child that you value his/her education.  Your child will benefit from the enhanced programs all year long.  And finally, your donation is tax-deductible!

Hacienda Tax ID#:  77-0142543

May I donate any amount?
Every family is different and we treasure our diversity.  We anticipate gifts in varying amounts, and ask that you strongly consider giving as generously as you can at a level that is comfortable for your family. Annual Giving Drive is our LARGEST fundraiser of the year and the money we raise this year will benefit your child’s education.

If you’d like to make smaller monthly payments we have that option, too!

We also welcome additional donations from family, friends and from corporate “Matching Gifts,” see details below.

How are the Reward levels calculated?
Every donation for each family unit (students with siblings are combined) are added together to reach a single reward level.  If you make a monthly pledge and make a one time donation by check, the monthly pledge level is calculated, then the single payments are added to that.  Free dress and Crayfishing rewards apply to the whole family, but we only provide one shirt or hoodie per family.

Matching Gifts
Many employers will match your donation to Hacienda, dollar-for-dollar!  If you were to donate $100, your employer would also donate $100!  Plus their donation, and yours, is tax deductible.  Please check with your company to see if they participate in this charitable program. Forward a confirmation email or screen capture to to get a special reward on top of the donor level reward. Please note that only the parent contribution (pledge or actual donated) counts towards the reward.

I have 3 kids at Hacienda.  Does that mean I should donate $1,500?
The goal of $500 was calculated per student, so in an ideal world we would love to see $1,500.  However, we welcome all donations in any amount.  Most importantly, it is necessary to see that all Hacienda students benefit from HIPS fundraising, so it makes sense that all families donate within their budget, to support Hacienda’s programs.

What happens if I check “Please Do Not Send Me Rewards”
Opting out of t-shirt reward: We will not send you a t-shirt, but you WILL receive the other rewards according to your donation level (e.g., yearbooks the PLATINUM level or higher).

If I join HIPS am I required to volunteer more?
Not at all, but we always encourage volunteering so that you can become an active participant in our classes and programs.  We have many dedicated volunteers and could always use more volunteers.  (See Committees and Sing-Ups on Konstella)

While not all parents can volunteer during school hours, everyone can do something, as we have many and various opportunities all year.  Even if you only attend HIPS meetings (held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month), you can hear Mr. Weber’s monthly Principal’s Update, hear the latest happenings at Hacienda, as well as vote on HIPS agenda items and have your opinion be heard.

We hope that you will carefully consider your contribution to the HIPS Membership Drive. Hacienda, HIPS and the students thank you for your support!!

Annual Giving Drive Team –

Helpful Information:

  • Hacienda Tax ID#: 77-0142543
  • If your donation level qualifies for Hacienda logo clothing, you will receive a voucher for a shirt that can be worn at school as part of the uniform. More details for tie-dying will be shared subsequent to the end of the giving drive.
  • Yearbooks will be delivered in May.  If your donation level qualifies for a Hacienda yearbook, you will receive a reminder about your yearbook in the second half of the school year.
  • Hawk Star and Diamond level gifts of reserved seats at one grade-level music performance and DVD of the performance is valid for one performance for the current school year, including 5th grade graduation. Arrangements must be made prior to the performance.
  • One “thank you gift” per family, per total family donation (see “thank you gift” grid on form). A family is not defined by household, but rather the siblings that attend Hacienda.
  • Families must join HIPS themselves. Memberships on behalf of another family cannot be accepted.
  • Please consider the reward gift value when filing your tax deduction.  Suggested gift values based on donor level is coming soon.