The Weekly Buzz – 9/30/16

Happening Next Week:

  • Fall Break – NO SCHOOL!!! 10/3 – 10/7
  • Animal Adoptions through 10/20 – The beloved Hacienda tradition of “adopting” an animal. See below for details
  • Science Camp Fundraiser, 9/26 – 10/17- Charleston Wrap Fundraiser for all grade levels. See below for details
  • Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities – See below for information on volunteer opportunities throughout the school

Upcoming Events:

  • October 11 – SELAC Meeting at 9am
  • October 12 – Principal’s coffee at 9am
  • October 18 – HIPS meeting at 6:30pm
  • Friday, October 28 – Fall Festival! See below for details
  • Want to know what’s after that? Check out the calendar at ar. It has the events scheduled for the entire school year!



  1. We need 2 parents to help with newsletter copying each month to get our newsletter out. Any takers?
  2. We need parent volunteers for Fun Bucks Store. It can’t open without volunteers.
  3. We need Animal Holding volunteers to help out with holding animals or taking pictures.

If you can help out with any of these needs, please contact Diana Wilson Hipsvolunteervp@gmail.c om .

Fall Festival is on Friday, Oct 28th, and WE NEED YOU!!

Follow the link to select your volunteer slot: 16

* First come, first served * Sign Up ONLINE for best shift/slot selection

SPECIAL:   5th Grade Students may volunteer in a game booth WITH a parent/ guardian. PARENT, please sign up ONLINE & indicate you will volunteer with your 5th grader.

NOTE: Middle School & High School students may earn volunteer community service hours too.

If you are unable to sign up online, you may grab a piece of paper and write down your desired volunteer slot time, your name & contact information. Turn that into the office with “ATTN: Michelle Scripoch, Fall Festival”. When I receive it, I will assign you to an open volunteer opportunity. Available shift times are #1 5:15-6:30, #2 6:30-7:45, or #3 7:45-9:15

CONTEST: Class with the most volunteers wins 10 FREE GAME TICKETS per student

Thank you for volunteering. Without you, this festival would not be possible.

~Fall Festival Co-Chairs

Michelle Scripoch & Melissa Belur,

Traffic and Safety needs YOU!

Who doesn’t like the smiling faces of parents and children thanking you for helping to keep them safe? Spend twenty minutes of your morning in our Drop Off Circle and help our kids start out their day safely. You can volunteer as often as you like, one day a week/month or more, we can always use your help. Right now we have 3 dedicated parents helping every morning but if one or two can’t be there because of work, illness or otherwise, we still want to be sure you and your kids are safe.

To sign up for a volunteer shift: /4090948A9AB2CA2F58-morning

Thank you to the parents and students who have followed the rules, listened to the parent volunteers, and have helped to keep everyone safe.

Have a wonderful Fall Break and we’ll see you in October.

Video Editing

We still need a parent to edit video for the 2nd grade holiday chorus (Dec.), the 3rd grade chorus (Feb.), and the 5th grade musical (May) in order to offer DVDs for parents to buy of the performance. Please contact Mrs. Thompson or Ms. Ulrich if you can help. Thank you to 1st grade parent Charlie Hodges (Jenson) and 4th grade parent Shashi Desai (Yashvi) for volunteering to edit the performance video of their child’s grade level show. (Mr. Desai has also offered to edit the Kids in Motion video.)

“Sprouts” Classroom Docents and Helpers are needed!  

Several of our classrooms do not have a Docent to deliver the 6x 1-hour lessons throughout the year. If you have 1 ½ hours during the day either mornings or afternoons available, please consider being a Docent for your child’s class. Each leveled, themed, objective-based lesson comes with a predefined lesson plan, presentation materials, and materials ready-to-go.

Here are the classrooms still needing Docent(s):

1st Grade: Roth & Escalante

4th Grade: Nance & Young (lesson one was delivered by a parent in Ms. Friedman’s class, so only 5 more to go)

5th Grade: Co-Docents and Helpers (2-3 needed) for AM session Thursday, 10/13/2016, and Helpers (2 needed) for PM session Thursday, 10/13/2016.

Signup flyers are available in the Faculty Dining Room (FDR) next to the HIPS box. After filling out the form, please return to your teacher or to the “Sprouts” envelope in the HIPS box. See below for more details. Thank you for considering volunteering for this program!  


Animal Adoptions (09/22 – 10/20)  

Hacienda’s beloved science animals (including our own Hacienda Homestead Chickens) are available for adoption! The animal adoption program helps offset the cost of caring for the school’s animals, and supports our science department. Students in grades K-5 may “adopt” an animal for the school year by donating any amount toward its care. The animals stay at school, but students who adopt enjoy special opportunities and tokens of appreciation:

  • A photo with their adopted animal
  • A sign posted on the animal’s habitat with the name of the student(s) who adopted it
  • Special animal holding opportunities
  • The student’s name will appear on a special animal poster in the science lab

Flyers were sent home in Thursday folders. Forms and donations may be given to your child’s teacher or dropped in the HIPS box in the animal adoption folder. Additional flyers are available in the front office. Questions? Please contact Rebecca Rountree ( or Laura Prijatel (


Science Camp Fundraising dates are September 26th through October 17th

The Science Camp fundraiser is an opportunity for every student to raise money toward 5th Grade Science Camp. Every grade has a Science Camp account that follows the grade level group of students, until they reach 5th Grade. Therefore, each grade has had up to six years of fundraising to offset the Science Camp fees.

The 2016 Camp Fundraiser is…

The Charleston Wrap Fundraiser will be from September 26th to October 17th.

Fundraising packets were sent home already. Check your child’s backpack if you haven’t seen it yet. There is a lot of information in the packets so please take a moment to look it over. The catalogs include quality gift wrap, chocolates, personalized items, kitchen items, and magazines. *Orders submitted via paper order forms receive a 50% profit, while online orders receive a lower 40%.

If you would prefer to donate directly to the science camp fund (rather than fundraising) tax deductible donations are always welcome.

Primary grade parents: START EARLY in building your grade’s science camp fund!!! This is the ONLY fundraiser that reduces the per camper price. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Questions? ~ Contact Michelle Scripoch


Do you have an hour of time to assist with Sprouts behind the scenes work during the month of October at home or on campus? The core team is looking for assistance, such as: prepare bins for Lesson #2, turn a garden bed that didn’t get done at Outdoor Work day, package seeds that were harvested in May by the students in small bags for the farmers market donation stand, replace pages in garden journals, or mark garden beds for upcoming planting lesson. If yes, contact Heather ( We appreciate any assistance to ensure the Hacienda gardening program is sustainable this year and for many future years!

** All 5th grade Sprouts sessions are slated for Thursdays with Granado and Masterson in AM, and Roberts, Roberts and Bjorngjeld in the PM.

Signup flyers are available in the Faculty Dining Room (FDR) next to the HIPS box. After filling out the form, please return to your teacher or to the “Sprouts” envelope in the HIPS box. Thank you for considering volunteering for this program!  

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